Spring 2024 Onsite Placements​

The International Internship Programme (Onsite) offers a unique opportunity for students to engage in meaningful, impactful, and enriching hands-on learning experiences to enhance their classroom knowledge.

This 3 to 12-month programme is designed to jumpstart your career in today’s competitive job market by placing you in an AKDN Agency in the field of your choice. 

With a commitment of up to 40 hours per week, you will grow your personal and professional skills while being challenged by new environments and cultures.​
Karachi, Pakistan Obstetrics and GynaecologyAga Khan UniversityEducation / Health Science
Karachi, Pakistan Emergency DepartmentAga Khan UniversityHealth Sciences
Karachi, PakistanNetworks of Quality Teaching and LearningAga Khan UniversityEducation / Communication
Karachi, Pakistan Office of CommunicationsAga Khan UniversityCommunication and Marketing
Nairobi, KenyaGraduate School of Media and Communications (GSMC)Aga Khan UniversityEducation / Communication
Nairobi, KenyaAKF Regional Office NairobiAga Khan FoundationEnvironmental Science & Sustainability / Data Science & IT
Nairobi, KenyaFinance DepartmentAga Khan UniversityFinance
Karachi, PakistanCommunity Health Sciences (CHS) Aga Khan University Health Sciences
Karachi, PakistanSchool of Nursing and Midwifery (SONAM)Aga Khan UniversityHeath Sciences
Nairobi, KenyaPaediatrics and Child HealthAga Khan UniversityHealth Sciences
Lisbon, PortugalClimate ResilienceAga Khan FoundationEnvironmental Science & Sustainability
Karachi, PakistanSchool of Nursing and Midwifery & Network of Quality, Teaching and Learning (QTL_Net)Aga Khan UniversityHealth Sciences/Education