​About AKU

Aga Khan University is an academic institution as well as a healthcare and research service provider (Aga Khan University Hospital). The latter also serves as the principal sites for clinical training for the University's medical colleges and schools of nursing and midwifery in Pakistan and East Africa.


Why AKU?

Our international presence and unique portfolio of entities give us the flexibility to formulate our graduate trainee rotations in a way that plays to the strengths and aspirations of our candidates. We harness the potential of our youth in ways that propel them into leadership and catalysts for social impact.​

Our culture 

Our culture is progressive and diverse. It is an authentic representation of people from various backgrounds, with unique experiences and intelligent thought processes. Our emphasis on diversity and inclusion is reflected not just in our recruitment process but also in the great lengths we go through to cultivate spaces and opportunities that allow our people to thrive. 

Our Human Resources department has won awards for diversity and inclusion​ for 3 years in a row.​​

We are strong advocates for gender equality and women empowerment. According to a study on the largest corporations of Pakistan (which are part of the KSE-100 Index), women representation on boards of the surveyed companies resulted to be less than 4%. However, at Aga Khan University, 31.25% of our leadership comprises of women. Currently, 1 in 2 senior faculty and 1 in 3 senior staff are women. ​​