​Alumni Support at AKU

01-07-2020 to 30-06-2021

During the above-mentioned period, alumni support has garnered support of PKR 111,024,330

This support is inclusive of gifts created by alumni of 25 classes from both the MBBS and Nursing programmes, who came together to give back to their alma mater. A large number of these gifts are endowments. These gifts are a testament to the substantial support and belief in The Aga Khan University's transformative role in shaping a better future. 

AKU boasts an alumni body comprising 16,650 former students. Alumni support is critical to the Aga Khan University's growth and development, and plays a pivotal role in nurturing the institution's future. This enduring connection between graduates and their alma mater forms the basis of an exceptional legacy. The key aspects of alumni giving at AKU include: 

Crucial for Growth and Development: Alumni giving is instrumental in advancing the University's mission and achieving its goals. Generous contributions from alumni provide the necessary resources to enhance academic programs, research initiatives, and infrastructure development. 

Diverse Avenues of Support: Graduates of The Aga Khan University express their support in various ways. From individual donations to collective class gifts, and Zakat donations to the Patient Behbud Society (PBS), alumni engage with their alma mater through different channels. These donations not only fuel the University's financial health but also serve as a testament to the belief and commitment of its former students. 

Endowment Gifts: Many alumni-led initiatives have established endowment gifts to sustain and perpetuate the causes they are passionate about. These endowments create a lasting impact by providing a continuous source of funding for scholarships, faculty positions, and specific programmes. They ensure that the University can maintain its excellence for generations to come. 

Alumni Participation: The Aga Khan University boasts a dedicated alumni group from its Medical College and the School of Nursing & Midwifery (SONAM). Graduates from these entities are actively giving back to their alma mater and their support extends to various areas, including funding scholarships for aspiring medical professionals and nurses, contributing to innovative research, and supporting clinical facilities and outreach programmes. 

A Shared Future: Alumni support actively shapes the University's future. Graduates understand that their contributions are investments in the next generation of students, researchers, and healthcare practitioners. 

Alumni giving at AKU is more than a financial transaction; it is a testament to the enduring bond between former students and their institution. The generosity of alumni plays a pivotal role in propelling the University to new heights of excellence and ensuring that its impact endures for generations. This culture of giving back is a testament to the University's profound influence on the lives of its graduates and its commitment to advancing healthcare, education, and research in the communities it serves.​