Post-RN ​BScM Programme

This two and a half-year program​​​me prepares midwives to provide safe, competent, culturally responsive and quality care at all lev​​els​ of the healthcare system. This is a work and learn programme that allows nurses and midwives to continue working while studying in order to achiev​e higher-level qualification.

Admissions have closed for 2021 ​admission cycle. The last date for submission of applications was April 30. 

​​For further information about the programme, please visit programme page. You can also ​​reach us at:​

Office of the Registrar​
Aga Khan University
School of Nursing and Midwifery
Sunny Plaza
​​Wangapala Road
Nairobi, Kenya​
Tel: +254 203 747 483
Fax: +254 203 757 004