Bac​helor of Science​ in Midwifery Programme

AKU-SONAM midwifery education honors the normalcy of womens' lifecycle events, appropriate use of interventions and technology for current or potential health problems. Nursing and midwifery preparation believes in consultation, collaboration and referral with other members of the health care team as needed to provide optimal health care to women and their families. This program will prepare nurses to provide safe, competent, culturally responsive and quality care at all levels of the health care system with focus on reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health for the families and communities by integrating knowledge, skills and attitudes from humanistic, behavioral and natural sciences.​

The programme is offered at our campuses in:

  • Uganda

Minimum Qualifications
Academic Qualifications: KCSE aggregate 'C' plain with a Diploma in nursing OR KCE/EACE Division two (II) with a Diploma in Nursing; or KCE/EACE Division three (III) with ECN Certificate and a Diploma in Nursing.
Nursing Qualifications: A Registered Nurse (KRCHN or KRN) with a current registration and a valid practicing license.
Work Experience: At least 2 years' continuious experience in a clinical care setting as a Registered Nurse.

Please contact your local campus to obtain the application form. Before submitting your application, you must ensure that you have complied with the instructions stipulated on the form. Applicant should provide:

  • Completed and signed application for admission

  • Certified copy of secondary school certificate

  • Certified copy of Enrolled Nursing certificate

  • Certified copy of Enrolled Nursing transcript

  • Certified copy of certificate of enrollment/registration with applicable Nursing Council (Tanzania or Zanzibar)

  • Letter of release /recommendation from current employer

  • Two passport-sized photographs)

The curriculum includes midwifery courses, biomedical sciences. The courses taken in this programme include:

  • For Year I Semester I: MDWF - 3001, ANAT - 3003, English - 3001, MBIO - 3001 B01, BIOC - 3001 B01, INFT - 3001 B01

  • For Year I Semester II: MDWF - 3002, Science 3001 - B01, PHRM 3001 - B01

  • For Year II Semester I: MDWF - 4004, PSYC - 4003 - B01, SOSC - 4003 - B01, BIOS 3001 - B01, SOSC 4004 - B01

  • For Year II Semester II: MDWF - 4003, MDWF - 4002, SOS - 40002 - B01,EPID - 3001 - B01, MGMI4001

The programme is offered over two-and-a-half academic years consisting of a total of 130 weeks. An academic year runs from August to July every year and is divided into two semesters of 18 weeks, followed by eight weeks of intensive clinical experience. The first semester starts in the second week of August and ends in the second week of December.