​​​​​​Clinical Research Specialisation

​The specialisation is designed for academicians and clinical researchers from medical and allied fi​elds, which includes residents, fellows,​ young faculty and clinical nurses. This programme aims to promote clinical inquiry and innovation by developing clinician-scientists with the necessary tools and commitment for conducting research. The Clinical Research Specialisation is an ideal training opportunity for Medical College faculty members and for clinical trainees aiming to pursue an academic career in clinical research.

Employment Opportunities for Graduates

There are employment opportunities available to graduates not only within the country but also at the regional and international levels. Our alumni are engaged with various esteemed international organisations such as World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF, British Columbia Centre for Disease Control (Vancouver, Canada), Centre of Disease Control (USA), academic institutions in USA, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, public health institutes of Middle East and with national institutes such as Aga Khan University (as faculty and fellows), Aga Khan Development Network (Aga Khan Foundation), Health Services Academy, National Institute of Health, Islamabad and different non-governmental organizations.