​​​​Dr Fauziah Rabbani

Associate Vice Provost, Research​​​​

In her academic leadership role as A.V.P, Dr. Rabbani leads both health & social sciences research administration across all multi-country geographies where AKU operates. She is responsible for research grant administration, biosafety and ethical monitoring, quality assurance & management of core facilities at AKU. 

Dr. Rabbani has served as the department chair of Community Health Sciences (CHS) at AKU, Karachi from 2009 – 2017. As chairperson, she was responsible for overseeing approximately 20 multimillion dollar grants per annum and several undergraduate and graduate programmes. 

As a Professor in Public Health her main areas of interest are health systems, health services delivery, quality of care, implementation research and policy analysis. Currently she is Principal Investigator on grants from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, MRC-UK and Wellcome Trust. Dr. Rabbani has a gold medal in research from Pakistan and besides several book chapters and indexed technical reports, has more than 70 peer reviewed publications to her credit. ​​