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The Aga Khan University’s experts are recognized nationally and internationally for their expertise in a number of fields.​


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Asad Mian is an associate professor of paediatric emergency medicine at AKU in Pakistan. He specialises in childhood emergencies.​​

Ather Enam​ is a professor of neurosurgery and chair, Department of Surgery in Pakistan.​ He is expert in neuro-oncology, neurovascular surgery and spinal surgery.

Dilshad Ashraf is an associate professor at the Institute for Educational Development in Pakistan. She is a specialist in curriculum, teaching learning, school improvement, educational governance, and gender and equity issues in education​​​.

Farhat Abbas​ is a professor of urology, and dean of Medical College in Pakistan. He is an expert in urological cancers, molecular research in urological cancers and medical education.​

Javaid Ahmed Khan is a professor of pulmonology at AKU in Pakistan. He is expert in asthma, COPD, tuberculosis, and smoking cessation.

Moladad Shafa is a whole school improvement specialist with years of experience in improving schools in the marginalised areas of Pakistan. He is an associate professor and the head of the Professional Development Centre North in Gilgit-Baltistan, an extended arm of the Institute for Educational Development in Pakistan.​

Muhammad Muneer Amanullah is an associate professor, cardiothoracic surgeon and interim associate dean of Postgraduate Medical Education at AKU in Pakistan. He is expert in paediatric cardiac surgery, adult congenital cardiac surgery and paediatric thoracic surgery.

Nelofer Halai is a professor of science education at the Institute for Educational Development in Pakistan. Her research interests include: teaching and learning in science, higher education, and teaching research methods.​​

Saad Shafqat is a professor of neurology at AKU in Pakistan. He is expert in stroke and neuromuscular diseases.​

Sajid Ali  is an education policy specialist and the head of graduate programmes and an associate professor at the Institute for Educational Development in Pakistan. His research interests include globalization and education policy, new forms of educational governance and policy networks.​

Zulfiqar Ahmed Bhutta is a senior professor of paediatrics and child health, and the founding director of the Centre of Excellence in Women and Child Health.


​​East Africa

​Alex Awiti is the director of the East African Institute. He is expert in public policy issues in environment, education, agriculture, water, extractive resources, urbanization and climate change.​

Joe Lugalla is director of the Institute for Educational Development in East Africa. His research is focused on medical sociology, medical anthropology, globalization, global health, development, and education.

Marleen Temmerman is a professor of obstetrics and gynaecology, and director of Women's Health and Research in East Africa. Her interests include women's health, global health, implementation science, policies and practices, and sexual and reproductive health and rights.​​

United Kingdom​

Philip Wood, an associate professor at the Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations, is an expert in the intersection of political and religious ideas in the Middle East, ca. 500-800. He is also interested in the reception of this period of history in contemporary curricula.​

Sarah Bowen Savant is an associate professor at the Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations. She is a cultural historian specialising in the Middle East and Iran ca. 600-1100.