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Sindh’s education boards told to follow AKU-EB’s system from 2020

The Sindh High Court has directed all education boards in the province to ensure implementation of a court order in letter and spirit with regard to upgrade of the curriculum and examination system on the pattern of AKU EB from 2020.

Dawn | November 18, 2019

They need empathy, not sympathy

Dr Salman Kirmani, associate professor of paediatrics at AKU, says, “You cannot reverse Down syndrome as there is no cure for the condition, but through various therapies, one can dramatically impact the quality of life.”

Dawn | November 11, 2019

People urged to refuse plastic bags

Garbage seemed to be on everyone’s mind at the Sixth Sense Forum panel discussion on ‘Garbage! What is the role of education, universities and social responsibility?’ at AKU.

Dawn | November 8, 2019

Resolve dearth of skills and jobs

An op-ed by Dr Alex Awiti, Vice Provost, AKU: The economy grew at 6.3 per cent in 2018. One would expect that with healthy economic growth comes decent jobs. However, the rate of job growth in 2018 was estimated at three per cent.

The Star | November 5, 2019

An HIV crisis among Pakistan's children

Dr Fatima Mir of Aga Khan University tells NPR's Scott Simon why there's been a spike in pediatric HIV infections in Pakistan.

NPR | November 1, 2019

An H.I.V. Outbreak Puts Spotlight on Pakistan’s Health Care System

Dr Fatima Mir, a pediatric infectious disease expert at AKU in Karachi was one of the first responders to help with the outbreak in Ratodero, Larkana.

The New York Times | October 30, 2019

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