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Reopening schools a daunting mission

Recent research reveals that it is harder to keep students engaged with virtual lessons and they learn less efficiently compared to face-to-face learning, says Dr Alex Awiti.

The Star | June 30, 2020

Medical students launch web platform to help healthcare workers

Member Student Taskforce Against COVID-19, started by AKU students at AKUH, explained the brand new real-time web platform that aims to connect healthcare facilities to medical suppliers and charities.

Dawn | June 29, 2020


Professor Reena Shah, head of infectious diseases at AKUH answers COVID-19 related questions in a live TV show.

BBC News Africa | June 26, 2020

Plasma therapy for COVID-19: The hopes and the hype

While it is important to provide hope in times of despair, one can question the ethics of providing false hope to the public, says AKU faculty Dr Natasha Anwar.

Dawn | June 26, 2020

What are COVID-19 anti-bodies? Does it help to test for them?

“In time, we will discover what it really means to have antibodies to COVID-19, and what it means to not have them”, says AKU faculty Dr Natasha Anwar.

Dawn | June 25, 2020

COVID-19 stigma

Dr Douglas Gaitho, an infectious disease specialist at AKUH talks about the social stigma associated with COVID-19 in a live TV show.

BBC News Africa | June 24, 2020

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