​Supporting education during the COVID-19 outbreak

​Resources for teachers, parents and children​

The COVID-19 outbreak has forced schools to close down temporarily. In the given situation, digital learning can help educators, children and parents, with access to technology, to continue the learning process​.​ 

Teachers can use different digital platforms to stay connected with their students to help them learn at home. There are several online platforms and resources that students can use to learn at their pace. These are not meant to replace but augment the learning material provided by their respective schools. 

To help teachers and educators with their continuing professional education during this time, we are offering webinars and online courses. Most of these are free. 

We are also offering free webinars for parents to help them to improve the numeracy and literacy skills of children at home. ​We have also brought together important advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO), UNICEF and AKUH experts for parents to educate their children about COVID​-19.  

Click on the following tabs to access resources and learning platforms that are specific to your needs and ​interest.​ 

​Important Note: Inclusion on th​is list does not indicate our endorsement of the resources and platforms. Basic features of many of these tools are free. A subscription or payment is required for premium features.​​​