The Aga Khan University with time has evolved as an internationally recognised university. Our unique model links campuses and faculty across three continents viz. Africa, Asia, Europe.

The Aga Khan University strives for relevance and quality in developing its programmes of service, education and research. In order to provide a framework of reference to guide the nature of research undertaken by faculty towards meaningful discovery, assessment and application of knowledge for society, the University has adopted for the Faculty of Health Sciences, the overarching theme of Social and Economic Determinants of Health. Inevitably the thematic consideration will require multiple disciplines to be engaged in the understanding and solution of questions that are worthy of the effort, time and resources for research. Taking into consideration the capacity and interests of the University for growth and application of knowledge, the following sub-themes have been identified: 

  • Maternal and newborn child health
  • Non-communicable diseases, including cancer
  • Infection, immunity and inflammation
  • Human development, including early child development
  • Neurosciences
  • Stem cell biology

Over the coming years, AKU will continue to devote much of its energy to the development and fostering of internationally competitive quality research, focusing on local challenges which has global relevance.​

Research Grant Awarded

We would like to congratulate Dr Naveed Ahmed Khan, Principal Investigator, and Dr Ruqaiyyah Siddiqui, Co-Investigator, on securing a research grant  titled “Carbohydrate analysis of cysts of Balamuthia and Acanthamoeba” worth Rs.1.6 M from the Pakistan Science Foundation.

Research Seminar

The Aga Khan University Institute for Educational Development in Dar es Salaam, in collaboration with Bristol University, UK; Dodoma University, Tanzania; and the Tanzania Institute for Education; hosted a one-day Research Seminar titled "The Language Pedagogy and Textbooks in Lower Secondary Education" ​on July 5, 2013.

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​Research Publications

In 2012, AKU faculty published 514 papers based on work undertaken at AKU. 91% of the publications were by faculty of Medical College, Pakistan.

Of the published papers, 76% were research papers, 12% reviews and viewpoints, 8% case studies, 2% were surveys, and less than 2% were communications.​

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AKU has research collaborations with a number of leading international institutions, including:

Cambridge University​
Catholic University of Portugal
Georg Eckert Institute of International Textbook Research
Karolinska Institutte
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Health
Sheffield Hallam University
University of Alberta
University of Texas at Austin
University of Calgary​