Research Strategic Plan

2024 - 2028​

AKU recognizes the vital role of research, scholarship, and creative endeavours in the generation of knowledge. The goal of the Research Strategy is to enhance AKU's research capacity, enabling it to make significant contributions in diverse fields, and furthering its commitment to academic excellence, knowledge generation, and societal impact. By fostering a culture of quality and free inquiry, we aim to elevate AKU's position as a leading and innovative research-led university, with a profound impact on society and policy.

The purpose of this document is to thus, outline a 5-year strategic path for the development of a comprehensive research plan for AKU that is aligned with its values of Impact, Quality, Relevance, and Access (IQRA). A total of four themes are envisaged to guide our research agenda for the next 5 years.​

Strateg​ic Framework


Identifying and Cultivating
Emerging Research Themes


Improving on Research Strengths,
Coordination and Governance


Establishing a Supportive Environment
for the Next Generation of ​
Researchers at AKU


Enhancing AKU's Impact in the Knowledge Society by Identifying Contextually Relevant Research Metrics and Improving Knowledge Dissemination