​Research Magazine 2023

40 Years of Research Excellence

In 1983, the Aga Khan University’s founder and Chancellor, His Highness the Aga Khan, expressed his goal of making AKU “an international university, able to mobilise resources from other countries, to coordinate international research and to encourage the exchange of ideas between nations.” As it celebrates its 40th anniversary, the evidence demonstrates the University is achieving this goal. AKU is working on the leading edge of knowledge creation, pursuing problem-oriented research and demonstrating the “intellectual restlessness” and “buoyant but disciplined impatience” that His Highness has urged it to express... view complete magazine.​

​Pioneering study to address adversity and brain development

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​Multi-gene testing recommended for hereditary breast cancer

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IED builds support for teaching license in Pakistan

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Grading system developed by AKU-EB adopted in Pakistan

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​One-quarter of health workers in Kenyan study show signs of depression

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​The politics of the veil in interwar Turkey

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The state of East Africa’s news media: confident under pressure

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Drug resistant fungal infections raise alarm

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