5000+ Healthcare Workers Empowered Through Online Courses

The Tele-ICU Project was initiated with a clear mission to build capacity of healthcare professionals. In pursuit of this objective, we introduced three online courses in 2020. Fast forward three years, we have reached a remarkable milestone, with over 5,000 committed healthcare workers, including physicians, nurses, and paramedics, successfully being trained through our online courses across Pakistan. 

What truly sets this accomplishment apart is that each of these participants took part in our courses, motivated by their own self-interest and personal growth. 

These courses have proven instrumental in empowering healthcare workers in providing effective care to their critical and non-critically-ill patients. Our course offerings cater to a diverse range of needs and specialties. For those associated with critical care, our critical care course focuses on key principles and concepts crucial for managing critically-ill patients. 

In addition, our prone positioning course equips participants with a profound understanding of acute respiratory failure's pathophysiology, measures to enhance oxygenation, and the techniques for proning, whether in mechanically ventilated or conscious patients. Participants also gain valuable insights into the benefits, indications, and contraindications of proning. 

For nurses and allied healthcare staff, we offer the Critical Care Essentials course, imparting fundamental concepts vital for the management of patients in ICU/HDU.

As we continue with our mission to build capacity, we are determined to expand our impact, offering these valuable educational resources to an even wider array of healthcare professionals​.

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