​What We Offer​

24/7 Free Consultations for ICU/HDU Physicians

AKU has set up a free-of-cost 24/7 tele-consultation service where physicians can receive peer-to-peer consults from AKU's critical care experts and consultations for critically ill patients in ICU/HDU. 

This consultation service was initially set up for ICU/HDU physicians dealing with COVID patients. However, as part of our future strategies we expanded to all ICU/HDU, we recently started helping pediatric and neonatal patients.

The helpline is being inundated with a significant number of calls every day where physicians receive guidance and information on patients in ICUs and HDUs. With this initiative, AKU has provided almost 6000+ consultations and catered to more than 14,500 patients nationwide.

                                                             If you are an ICU/HDU physician looking for expert advice:

                                                                           ​               hpicon_voice_calling1.png0301-8244947


Using routinely available audio-visual technology, AKU experts conduct daily rounds with bedside physicians from Pakistan to discuss patient management and appropriate interventions in collaborating hospitals.

So far, the team has catered to more than 14,500 patients.​

​On-site Training

To equip nurses, doctors, and paramedical staff with relevant skills and knowledge in the management of critically ill patients, AKU faculty has introduced interactive workshops on topics relevant to critical care management.

The two-day workshop also includes an on-site simulation-based training that allows trainees to put the acquired knowledge into practice through physical and hands-on activities. The training includes interactive case-based discussions and hands-on simulation on the assessment and management of critically ill adult and child patients. It includes acute respiratory management, an approach to deal and managing a critically ill patient with severe sepsis and septic shock. Candidates also learn the different mechanical ventilator challenges in ICUs and practice critical care skills like the insertion of a CVP line. 

These workshops will allow physicians, nurses, and paramedical staff to use evidence-based approaches in the management of all patients being managed in intensive care units.

The graduates of the workshop are also eligible for a Bedside Mentorship Programme where they are encouraged to discuss their patients with AKU consultants which leads to an ongoing learning process and mentoring from AKU faculty.

Online Courses/Trainings

​The Aga Khan University's Tele-ICU Project offers online, flexible, and free-of-cost courses with CME credits for the capacity development of differentiated healthcare staff.

These courses are aimed to build the capacity of physicians, nurses, and paramedics around critical care, prone positioning, and HDU patient management. 

To date, AKU has provided approximately 1600+ candidates with the advanced skills and knowledge they need for saving lives through online LMS courses.

Altogether, the Tele-ICU Team has trained 21000+ participants through various educational interventions that will help physicians enhance the treatment of critically ill patients.​​​​​