Giving to the University Endowment

​An endowed fund is invested in AKU’s general endowment, which is the investment portfolio of the University.  The endowment — and so each of the endowed funds within it — pays out approximately five percent of its value each year, supporting everything the University does — teaching, research, financial aid, and on and on.  Quite simply, the payout from the endowment is the lifeblood of AKU:  the University could not function without it.  The endowment — and the endowed funds within it — will exist as long as AKU exists.​

An endowed fund, then, is like a “miniature endowment:”  it, too, exists forever, and it, too, pays out five percent or so of its value each year.  A donor can name an endowed fund after himself or herself, a family member, or anyone else he or she might wish to honour and memorialise.  What is more, an endowed fund grows over time, with the endowment as a whole, thus increasing the good it does.​​

To discuss endowment giving at AKU, please email: