​Centre of Excellence, Cardiac Sciences


In Pakistan, heart disease is responsible for one-third of all deaths. As our very large population ages over the next decade, this disease burden will increase significantly.

The Aga Khan University Hospital – with the most comprehensive cardiac care services in Pakistan – is now facing capacity and research constraints. In recent years, the University Hospital has had to turn away patients requiring urgent treatment, due to these constraints.

The Centre of Excellence in Cardiac Sciences will address this shortfall in capacity. The 5-storey building will allow the integration of cardiac diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation services, provide dedicated MRI facility, introduce training programmes and provide space for research activities.

Your donation will enable the University Hospital to:

  • Manage an additional 30,000 patient visits and 17,000 cardiac investigations annually

  • Develop a research centre that works to improve cardiac treatment outcomes

  • Create cost-effective, regionally specific prevention programmes and interventions

  • Increase the quality of specialist care through two fellowship programmes

Project Cost:

Total Cost: US$ 12 million (PKR 1.2 billion)