Research Groups


  • Benign hematological disorders ( Thalassemia, G6PD deficiency)

  • Hematological neoplasms (CML, Myeloma, Transplant)

  • Bleeding/thrombosis disorders (Hemophilia, platelet dysfunction, VWD, warfarin resistance)

  • Transfusion (adverse events, infections)

  • Genetics of benign and malignant hematological disorders


  • Benign and coagulation disorder: Dr Bushra Moiz and Ms Amna Nasir

  • Hematological neoplasms: Dr Natasha Ali and Dr Mohammad Usman Shaikh

  • Transfusion: Dr Farheen Karim

  • Stem cell transplant: Dr Salman Naseem Adil

Current Projects

  • Evaluation of bone health in Pakistani patients with B Thalasemia Major    2012-2014.Funded by URC

  • Estimation of frequency of Factor V Leiden G1691A and prothrombin gene G20210A mutation in patients presenting with recurrent pregnancy loss. (2012). Funded by Department Seed Money Grant

  • XBP-1 mediated expression of MUC1 maintains the myeloma stem cell pool and facilitates resistance to treatment in myeloma.

Future Projects

  • The Frequency of VKORC1 and CYP2C9 Polymorphisms Associated With Warfarin Therapy in Patients with Thromboembolism (2014-2016). Submitted & approved    Pakistan Science Foundation

  • Determination of Bone health in hemophilia patients with and without HCV

  • Determination of platelet resistance in CABG patients receiving aspirin

  • Gene sequencing of Hemophilia A gene


  • Dr El-Nasir Lalani and Dr Shireen Rajput ( Myeloma Project)

  • Dr Aysha Habib and Dr Romaina Iqbal (Thalassemia project)

  • Dr Irfan Hashmi (Stem cell project)


Dr Bushra Moiz
Head, Section of Hematology