​The AKU Challenge (Scholar​ship) programme

 This is a two week residential programme - there is no tuition fee.  The University pays for boarding and lodging. The programme offers rigorous, intellectually stimulating and developmental co-curricular activities. There are opportunities:

  • ​To enhance literacy skills. ​

  • To improve critical reasoning skills.

  • To understand the need for research and spend time in the AKU laboratories with highly qualified University faculty.

  • ​For career guidance to help you choose the ‘right’ career; to meet successful professionals and listen to their stories.

  • ​​To learn First Aid.

  • To learn to swim and participate in sports.

  • ​To participate in discussions on current affairs.

  • ​To go into low-income areas a​nd understand how you as an individual can make a difference in their lives.

  • ​To tour historical sites in Karachi.

The last date to receive applications for 2020 session was March 10, 2020. Those who have applied by the deadline are required to write an Aptitude Test. The date of the test will be communicated soon. Those who get selected will be part of AKU Challenge Scholarship programme that will take place in November 2020.

The Aptitude Test will include components in English, Mathematics at the secondary school level and a component of Science Reasoning. A total of ​​​​44 students will be selected for this scholarship programme. For more information and for your queries, please contact us at +92 21 34864410 / 4412 or write us at ​​aku.c​​hallenge@aku.edu.

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