Pre-Conference Workshops

​Following Pre-conference Workshops will be held on November 27th, 2019; 9:00 - 11:00 AM. 

These workshops are free for AKU and AKDN faculty, students and staff. Participants from other HEIs must pay Rs. 500/- to attend one of these parallel workshops.

Developing your teaching philosophy statement
Facilitator:  Dr. Debra Dawson​

Teaching philosophy statements are one of the key components of the teaching dossier. The teaching dossier highlights your teaching achievements in a similar way to your curriculum vitae where you focus on your research accomplishments. By the end of this hands-on workshop you will have begun to develop a teaching philosophy statement and will have considered how your teaching reflects your discipline, your students and your beliefs about effective teaching. ​

Engagement in large classes
Facilitator: Dr. Mike Atkinson​

The large lecture classroom poses a number of challenges for any instructor. You need to use different techniques, deal with noise levels, try to make sure that students do not feel anonymous…and you have to be engaging. 

To engage students, I use a number of techniques in a lively, fast-paced delivery that maintains attention, creates rapport, and challenges students to think about issues. In my presentation, I will model some of these techniques and then invite the audience to think about how to use these in their own classrooms.

Learning innovation lab 
Facilitator: Network of Blended and Digital Learning and Creative Critical Innovative Thinking ​

Are you tired of the same-old teaching and assessment methods that aren't engaging you in learning? Do you have an idea to transform the system? Join the BDL_net and CCIT teams at the Learning Innovations Lab to learn about different perspectives, analyze problems and tinker with new ideas at #SOTLC

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