​Active Learning Sessions​ 

​​​Following below active learning sessions are held on Novemebr 28th, 2019 from 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM. No pre-registration is required, you will be able to register on the same day.

Rubric Design
Facilitator: Dr Razia Fakir Mohammad

This active learning session will help you understand and examine how rubrics can support the teaching and learning process. During the session, you will be able to identify key identify key elements in a rubric design and initiate drafting rubrics for classroom assessments in your own subject-discipline.

STEM Teacher Education in Pakistan: Prospects & Challenges
Facilitators: Dr Tasneem Anwar and Ms. Umber Siddiqi

This active learning session will help you visualize STEM Teacher Education using researcher –practitioner partnership. During the session you will examine STEM integration within existing National curriculum of Pakistan. Also, you will be able to perceive and value researcher-practitioner partnerships and interpret the challenges that hinder STEM teacher education in Pakistan.

World Café of and for Faculty: The AKU Teachers Academy
Facilitators: Dr Tashmin Khamis and Ms. Sahreen Chauhan

Through modelling an interactive World Café in this active learning session we will introduce the idea of the AKU Teachers Idea and use the approach to harness consultation around establishing the Teachers Academy to gain input around (i) the Structure of the Academy; (ii) Membership of the Academy; (iii) Scope of the Academy. 

Global Café : Quality Academic Programmes at AKU​
Facilitators: Mr Faisal Notta, Ms. Veronica Sarungi, Dr Azam Afzal and Mr. Edward Misava

A systematic analysis of external peer review reports for the period since implementation of the AKU Academic Quality Framework (2016-2018) [3 years] was conducted in conjunction with review of annual Quality Assurance Review Committee (QARC) reports of 2016, and 2017. This active learning session will increase your awareness of common themes and issues that have been identified during the external peer review processes and will develop a shared understanding of how recommendations can be taken forward in order to enhance quality of teaching and learning.

Mastering Clinical Teaching
Facilitators: Ms. Khairulnissa Ajani​

This active learning session will support clinical supervisors/facilitators/educators in implementing best practices in conducting an effective clinical teaching session through student engagement. This session intends to put in picture an ideal day of clinical teaching for students as well as teachers through highlighting the best practices of clinical teaching from planning, implementing and concluding the clinical session.

What makes Active Learning ‘Active’? 
Facilitators: Dr Jane Rarieya and Ms. Kiran Qasim Ali

This active learning session will help you recognize the importance of ‘active learning’ in higher education. During the session, you will explore different characteristics of active learning, practice an active learning method through micro-teaching in small groups, and reflect on strengths and possible limitations/barriers of using active learning in our context

Problem Solving - An Active Learning Approach in Higher Education
Facilitators: Dr Munira  Amirali and Ms. Shairose Jessani

This active learning will help you explore the key elements of problem-solving approach of learning in higher education and reflect on your own   teaching learning practices and identify potential areas for the improvement. During the session, you will also experience different problem-solving methods through hands-on minds-on learning tasks.

Using Participatory Research Methods as Higher Education Learning Assessment Tools
Facilitator: Dr Shelina Bhamani

This active learning session will develop your understanding around the 4 key participatory research based assessment tools with their pros & cons for using participatory research methods as assessment tools. Also, during the session, you will get an opportunity to design learning assessment using any one participatory research methods​.