​​Peer Reflective Studio 7:  Curriculum Renewal

In this session, Professor Mushtaq Ahmed (AKU) and Associate Professor Linda Ferrington (UNSW) will describe Outcome Based Education and the significant advantages that this approach can offer to our undergraduate and postgraduate students. The short introductory presentation will offer a brief overview of this approach to tertiary education and will take participants through a working example of OBE in UNSW’s award-winning Medicine Program. Following the presentation, the floor will be opened for questions and comments, and it is hoped that participants from a variety of disciplines will engage in a lively discourse on this topic.

Session Chair:

Yasmin Amarsi​

Session Facilitators: 

Mushtaq Ahmed 

Mushtaq Ahmed has been involved with teaching AKU medical students and postgraduate trainees in Pakistan and East Africa. He recently led the review of the undergraduate medical education program in the Medical College, Pakistan, and currently chairs the task force for reviewing postgraduate medical education. Under AKU Quality, Teaching and Learning Mushtaq Ahmed has been appointed to chair a thinking group to consider the implications of adopting Outcome Based Education in AKU academic programs.​

Linda Ferrington

Linda Ferrington is the convenor of Phase 1 Medicine in the UNSW Rural Clinical School and has an active role in teaching, assessment, and curriculum development. She has a key responsibility in designing and delivering engaging, challenging learning experiences for adult learners within a tertiary environment, and is actively engaged in developing innovative resources to improve teaching practice within her School, and to increase the engagement and retention of students. Linda Is also actively involved in developing research opportunities for senior students.​​​