Peer Reflective Studio 1: Professionalizing teaching through gaining HEA Fellowship

‘Professionalizing’ of teaching practice in higher education has gained importance nationally and internationally since universities, now more than ever, are dealing with the matter of standard and quality of education for an increasingly diverse student population.  Defining professional standards for higher education through HEA fellowship allows for recognizing and benchmarking teaching and support roles against the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF).  In this ‘Peer reflective Studio,’ we will discuss the need, process, and benefits of gaining HEA Fellowship and guide faculty to enhance the quality of their teaching practices through attaining this fellowship.

Session Chair: ​​

Zehra Jamil

Session Facilitators:

Satwat Hashmi​

Dr. Satwat Hashmi is an Associate Professor and Vice-Chair of Education in the Department of Biological and Biomedical Sciences. She received Fellowship from the Higher Education Academy (UK) in 2020 and in the same year was selected as an inaugural member of the prestigious AKU Teachers’ Academy. She is a basic scientist investigating cardiovascular diseases and teaches undergraduate and graduate students, the application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of knowledge in the classroom with a focus on the integration of basic and clinical science domains.​​

Dr Nahida Walli

Dr. Nahida Walli is a Programme Director of Pediatrics at AKU, Tanzania. She joined the Aga Khan Hospital in 2018 as a Consultant Pediatrician. Currently, she is serving as Senior Instructor at AKU, Medical College, Dar es Salaam Campus. She is also actively involved in teaching and learning workshops organized by QTL. She also became a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy UK in February 2021. Her long-term goal is to do a fellowship in Medical Education and to become a better educator.​