Peer Reflective Studios: Reflective Conversations with Peers  ​

Literature tells us that faculty learn best about teaching and learning from their peers.  The Peer Reflective Studios will provide you with an opportunity to engage in a reflective dialogue with peers regarding areas of mutual interest around teaching and learning.  They will focus on topics of faculty interest, e.g., gaining a UKPSF-HEA fellowship, professionalizing teaching and clinical practice, joining the Teachers Academy, applying for a SoTL grant, developing your teaching dossier, online course design, curriculum renewal, etc.

Please register for the Peer Reflective Studio and join us in reflective conversations on teaching and learning with peers, which will provide you with guidance to enhance the quality of your teaching practices.  


Tuesday, November 30, 2021


12:00pm-12:45pm (Pakistan)

10:00am-10:45am (East Africa)

07:00am-07:45am (United Kingdom)

                                                                               Register Here for Peer Reflective Studio Session​