FreqentlyAskedQuestions (FAQs)​

SoTL Conference 2023

Q1) What is theme of SoTL Conference 2023?

Shaping Tomorrow Together: Transformative Teaching for Engaged Learning, ​

Q2) What is the Goal of SoTL conference 2023?

​​SOTLC2023 aims to bring together teachers, students and academic staff to celebrate evidence-based teaching and promote good teaching and learning practices in higher education. The goals of SOTLC2023 are to: 

  • Promote engagement in the scholarship of teaching and learning;

  • Celebrate evidence-based transformative teaching and engaged learning; and

  • Encourage networking to facilitate synergies and sharing of best practices amongst practitioners and learners from different academic disciplines and institutions​

​Q3) ​Who should attend the Conference?​

  • Educators, Students, Academic staff, Researchers

  • Policymakers

  • Education Developers and Technologists

  • Curriculum Developers

  • ​AKDN Partner Universities​

Q4) Why should I attend the SoTL Conference?

​This anniversary marks a significant milestone for teaching and learning at AKU, and the SoTL conference serves as a moment of celebration for the transformative teaching that has taken place over the years. The conference aims to foster a collaborative community of educators who are dedicated to promoting transformative teaching and engaged learning in higher education. By providing a platform for participants to contribute to the scholarship of teaching and learning research agenda, the conference seeks to facilitate interdisciplinary research that will shape the future of higher education. The SoTL conference promises to be a truly transformative event that will inspire and empower educators to take their teaching and learning practices to the next level, and it will also mark the 10-year anniversary of QTL_net.​​​