Un-Conference Theme 

This being the first fully virtual ‘Un-conference’ by QTL_net, it is dedicated to exploring broader questions about the scholarship and practice of teaching and learning in higher education during the Covid-19 pandemic. It focuses on the dissemination of teaching and learning approaches that have been effective and impactful on students’ learning during the pandemic. The theme for the ‘conference’ is Reimagining Learning-Centered Teaching in a Covid-19 World.​

The main goal of the ‘Un-conference’ is to raise awareness that teaching should be a scholarly activity even during a crisis and thus to promote evidence-based, reflective teaching at AKU even when beset with challenges. This will create synergies and a shared understanding of good practices by bringing together AKU faculty, students, and academic staff as well as those interested in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning within AKDN, AKU partners, and other institutions of higher education in the regions AKU serves. 

The following objectives of the ‘Un-Conference’ will be explored within the context of the pandemic and post-pandemic contexts: 

  1. To recognize and acknowledge the innovation and efforts made by faculty to continue teaching and learning through the pandemic.

  2. To reflect on the online teaching-learning experiences and reimagine course and curriculum design.

  3. To renew learning-centered teaching and embed digitalization in the learning environment.

  4. To reward collaboration in scholarly teaching and the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) 

  5. To celebrate transformative teaching for engaged learning across ONE AKU!​​