​4th Biennial Scholarship of Teaching and Learning UnConf​erence​​

Re-Imagining Learning ​Centred Teaching In a COVID-19 World

The Network of Quality, Teaching,​ and Learning (QTL_net) will be hosting the fourth biennial Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Conference on November 29-30, 2021 but with a difference – this year it will be an UnConference.​

Click here to view the SoTL Unconference 2021 E-booklet ​​​

Register for the UnConference below

You can register for the sessions you like individually using the links below. Please note that you will get your virtual attendance badges, goodie bag, and teaching and learning resources, only if ​​your registration is converted into attendance.

Please note the deadline for Registering for the SoTL UnConference 2021 sessions is 4pm, Thursday, November 25, 2021​​

​Why an UnConference?

The ‘Un’Conference will allow us to be faculty and student-led, through a Global Solutions Café and Co-creation Learning Labs; engage in fun reflective activities, through a Quarantine Teaching Bloopers, provide faculty development opportunities through Flipped Learning Master Classes and  Peer-Reflective Studios, and allow for asynchronous engagement such as through Pecha Kucha stories, at an attempt to minimize the zoom and virtual learning fatigue.​​

Who should attend? ​

All those involved in teaching and learning in higher education:​

  • Faculty Members
  • Academic Support​ Staff  & Administrators
  • Students
  • Assessment Specialists
  • Curriculum Developers
  • Deans & Course Leads
  • Educational Researchers
  • Education Developers & Technologists ​

Why should you attend the SoTL UnConference?

The UnConference will be unique in the opportunities it presents to the faculty members and students. There is something of interest for everyone. Furthermore, the UnConference will bring the AKU Family to engage in problem-solving, reflective thinking, and some laughs. If you are still on the fence, here are some more reasons why you should attend the SoTL UnConference!​

  • Connect with AKU family from all campuses through the Global Solutions Cafe
  • Reflect on your teaching in a fun and creative way through the Pecha Kucha and Quarantine Teaching Bloopers 
  • Reinforce existing best practices in the pandemic era and beyond through Flipped Learning Master Classes
  • Learn from your peers through reflective conversation around the new world of teaching through Peer Reflective studios 
  • Developing creative solutions to reimagining learning-centered teaching through Co-creation learning labs​​