​​​​11th Health Sciences Research Assembly​

December 12-13, 2017​

Health Sciences Research Assembly (HSRA) plays a significant role in dissemination and promotion of research within the AKU community. This avenue provides opportunity to researchers at AKU to showcase their research work that they have undertaken in the last one year. This is the 11​th consecutive research assembly with emphasis on compliance on ethics in research; therefore this year only those research studies which had appropriate ethics clearance and those that were exempted from ethical clearance were allowed for submission. HSRA is an important event which provides a great opportunity, specifically to novice researchers to curl their research ideas by interaction with researchers in other disciplines. 

There will be brief presentations by distinguished academic leadership of AKU, followed by the opening of research poster exhibition. We are enthusiastically anticipating more than 400 posters for exhibition from multidisciplinary clinical to translational research from all departments ​

We look forward to an active participation from faculty, students and staff and availing this opportunity to interact with researchers and opening of new areas of collaboration

Dr Shahab Abid                                 
Chair, Organising Committee           

Zohra Jetha
Co-Chair, Organising Committee​

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