​​Scientific Pitch | Research-Based Evidence​​

Please follow submission guidelines for scientific pitch.

  • You may submit as many abstracts as you like as a presenter or first author.

  • Abstracts should be relevant to the conference theme.

  • Each abstract should consist of work done in the last three years (unpublished, presented, in-process work will be preferred). 

  • Submissions are welcome from the full spectrum of scientific research including qualitative and quantitative studies, systematic reviews and Meta-analysis and Quality projects. 

  • Nurses, midwives, students and other healthcare professionals are highly encouraged to participate.

  • The title should be clearly formulated, indicating the nature of the study. Please do not use abbreviations in the title. 

  • Use "Times New Roman" size 12 and single line spacing for the abstract text. The word limit is 250 – 300 words.

  • Please check the spelling and grammar carefully. The abstract will be retrieved from your online submission - any errors in spelling, grammar or scientific data will appear in print. 

All abstracts should be structured as follows: 

  • Title of the ePoster or Scientific Pitch

  • Name of the author (up to 6 authors may be listed)

  • Background/rationale

  • Research question

  • Method(s)

  • Findings

  • Conclusion

  • Actual or potential implications

  • References

Scientific Pitch

Scientific Pitch is an innovative way to present your project in a fast-moving way. 

Please follow the above guidelines to submit your abstract. If your abstract is selected, you will be required to record your pitch presentation and submit it to us, which will later be played during the conference. The duration of the selected pitch presentation/s would be 5 – 6 minutes under which you are expected to deliver your key messages.

The selected presentation/s will be displayed electronically, and the presenters will get time to answer the questions of the audience. ​