Annual Early-Career Health Researchers’ Symposium ​

The Aga Khan University’s Medical College will be hosting the 2nd Annual Early Career Researchers’ Symposium in East Africa which brings together healthcare researchers from universities and other research institutions across the region.

Celebrating Rising Researchers, the symposium will offer a platform for seasoned researchers to collaborate with and mentor upcoming researchers in the scientific presentations. 


Keynote Speakers 

Dr.Ambrose Agweyu, BSc, MBChB, MSc, MMed, PhD

Clinical Epidemiologist
KEMRI- Wellcome Trust Research Programme​

Ambrose is a Kenyan paediatrician and clinical research fellow based at the KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme in Nairobi. As a member of the Kenya Paediatric Association and various technical panels of the Ministry of Health, Ambrose is also actively involved in advocacy on how best to implement approaches for the prevention and management of the leading causes of childhood mortality. See full profile.

Prof Peter Gichangi, BSc, MBCHB, MMED (O/G), Ph.D

Associate Professor, University of Nairobi
Dir, International Centre for Reproductive Health Kenya​

Prof Peter Gichangi expertise combines strong leadership, academic, program management and research background with in depth knowledge of reproductive health, maternal and child health, HIV/AIDS, family planning, HIV care and support and gynecological oncology issues. Prof Gichangi is the principal investigators for Performance, Monitoring and Accountability (PMA 2020) tracking family planning performance in Kenya; mHealth to promote FP for adolescents; prevention of commercial exploitation of children. See full profile. 

Messages from the Deans 

Prof. Robert Armstrong

Founding Dean, Medical College, Faculty of Health Sciences

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Symposium for earlycareer researchers. We are specifically focused on early career researchers to provide a venue to share their work and get feedback from symposium participants. Not everyone who speaks will necessarily have a career as a researcher but we expect everyone will use the skills developed through their research as life-long tools for professional development.​ Read more

Sharon Brownie, RN, RM, BEd, MEd Adm

Professor Dean, School of Nursing & Midwifery, East Africa​​

Research and scholarly activity is a major hallmark of a quality academic entity. In parallel, research capabilities and publication output are defining measures of academic performance. Institutions of learning such as ours, give early career researchers the opportunity to develop and strengthen their knowledge base and research capacity by investing in the faculty development and support. Read more

Message from the Chair, Symposium Organizing Committee​​

William M Macharia, MB,ChB., MMed, MSc.

Professor and Associate Dean Research Chair,
Organizing Committee​

This year we dedicate our annual scientific conference to rising researchers whose work contributes to achievement of universal health coverage in one way or another. Unlike Millennium goals that were centered on individual sectors of development, Sustainable goals are broader and recognize necessity of multidisciplinary effort for lasting sustainability. It thus matters little about the size of a study provided quality evidence has been adduced from injection of methodological rigor. ​See more​