Annual Early-Career Health Researchers’ Symposium

Advancing Equity through Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and Health Education Research​

November 23, 2024, Nairobi 

The 2024 edition will explore the transformative potential of AI to bridge gaps and create more equitable healthcare systems and educational environments. This theme addresses the pressing need to ensure that AI technologies are developed and implemented in ways that promote fairness, accessibility, and inclusivity.

Key Areas of Focus:

  • AI-Driven Healthcare Solutions

  • Ethical AI Development:

  • Inclusive Health Education

  • Community Engagement and Collaboration

  • Policy and Regulation:

The symposium provides early career researchers with a platform to showcase their work, receive feedback, network with their peers and senior researchers from other academic and research institutions. 

Presenters whose abstracts have been accepted shall have a chance to share their research work by way of Oral or Poster presentations. 

Prizes will be awarded to the items adjudged as the best during the symposium.​​​​​​