Our Vision

Knowledge Network and Learning

The Clinical Trials Unit aims to create a central pool of ideas and knowledge to promote interdisciplinary collaborations, attract and retain investigators, empower research teams and increase awareness of clinical trials and its various benefits for the patient as well as scientific advancement.

Advocacy and Leadership

CTU strives to provide leadership in developing and implementing policies and procedures that will shape research practices. This will attract and promote clinical trials not only at AKU but in the country.

Infrastructure Development

Through its trial, CTU intends to streamline trials procedures and develop a centralized repository. Researchers can draw on resources already in place which lead to efficient monetary and time usage. This would also help researchers to stay focused on the task at hand rather than contracts and regulations.

Clinical Trial Management

Through its services, CTU promotes efficient management of clinical trials with high quality and standardis​ed conduct, yielding better results, faster enrollment and lower trials costs.