​Our Team

Mansoor Saleh

Founding Chair of Department of Haematology/Oncology

Founding Director of Cancer Centre & Clinical Research Unit


​Noureen Karimi

Senior Manager, Research Operations 


Stacey Gondi

Manager, Research Administration (Regulatory)

Programme Navigation (Outreach)

  • ​​​​Katu Mutungi - Programme Navigator​


​Aisl​een Shamshudin

Research Pharmacist​

Nancy Owiti

Research Pharmacy Technologist​


  • Edgar Namwakira - Research Pharmacy Technologist


Sehrish Rupani

Clinical Research Nurse Manager


Diana Omare

Clinical Research Nurse


Isaiah Mike Omedo

Clinical Research Nurse

  • Truphenah Mogire - Treatment Nurse


  • ​Nicholas Mutai - Research Laboratory Technician

Data Management

Heldah Amariati

Data Management

Noella Obetto

Data Management​

Paul Nzuve

Health Care Assistant, Data Management​ & Administration

Budget & Finance

Haron Kibwage

Finance Manager


Anne Kabuki

Patient Services & Unit Coordinator


Investigators & Doctors​​

Dr. Pavanraj Chana

Research Medical Officer​

  • Dr. Thomas Mutua - Research Medical Officer

Dr. Karishma Sharma

Research Investigator & Oncology Fellow​

  • Prof. Dilraj Sokhi - Research Investigator ​

  • Dr. Juzar Hooker - Research Investigator ​

  • Dr. Hajmansour Manel - Research Investigator ​

  • Dr. Joseph Abuodha - Research Investigator ​

  • Dr. Herman Ekea - Research Investigator ​
  • Dr. Shaheen Sayed - Research Investigator