Child and Adolescent Mental Health Response

A collaborative effort between the British Asian Trust, Carefortech, Cosaraf foundation and the Aga Khan University

The COVID pandemic has brought about many losses but one silver lining to emerge from it is the understanding that niche services like mental health therapy and rehabilitative facilities can be made accessible for all. The ending of the lockdown brought about by the pandemic unfortunately does not bring an end to the lack of availability of mental health support for our suffering children and adolescents. In most parts of our country, especially remote areas, access to quality mental health services still remains an issue. Parents continue to struggle with providing necessary care for their young ones and adolescents continue to battle with anxiety, stress, depression and other mental health issues brought about by various stressors in their lives.​​


Meet the Team

​We are proud to introduce our team of highly qualified and passionate individuals who have enthusiastically stepped up to help in these difficult times. They bring on board their experience, passion and hard-work to create the most satisfying outcomes.



Our Partners​

  • ​eOceans, Helpline partner

  • House of Wellness, Technical partner
  • Network of Organizations Working with Persons with Disabilities, Pakistan, Outreach partner​​​

  • National Disability and Development Founda​tion, Outreach partner

  • Special Olympics Pakistan, Outreach partner

  • House of Pebbles, Outreach partner ​​​​​​​

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