​WACE Global Challenge

Are you seeking global industry experience? Want to experience the life of a consultant? Interested in social impact

​Then this programme​ is for you!​

The WACE Global Challenge is an experiential learning project that connects student teams from across the world with organizations to create Sustainable Impact initiatives.
You will work as a consultant and conduct research and provide recommendations in response to a UN Sustainable Development Goal to increase the positive social, environmental and economic impact.


  • This 4-week virtual program sees you working in ​a multi-disciplinary cross-cultural student team to solve a REAL industry challenge for an Industry Client - which could be a start-up, NGO (Non-Government Organization), or corporate.​​​
  • The next cohort will be running from 31 January 2022 to 25 February 2022 and will be required to commit to 25 hours in total over the 4-week experience.
  • Application close on 15​ December 2021.​


  • Analysis of your client’s purpose and alignment to one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Understand your client's project and undertake research to identify possible solutions such as competitor analysis, identifying funding models, and implementing marketing tactics as examples.
  • ​After conducting research, make recommendations for your client that might enhance their social or environmental impact.​


  • Global Industry Experience: Amazing experience to put on your resume and stand out when applying for graduate roles!
  • Enhance Your Skills: enhance your cultural intelligence, communication, team, and problem-solving skills.
  • Flexibility: 100% virtual project, work in a team environment in your own time.
  • Support: you will be supported by the Practera team, your Institution, and WACE along the journey.
  • Network: grow your professional and social network.​​


​Application Form


​Please submit the below application form along with a two video clip of your opinion on the following:

  • Why would you like to be a part of the WACE Global Challenge Programme​?

  • How the students from developing economies can respond to the need for sustainable development?

Note: Please upload the video on Google Drive or One Drive or Dropbox and share the link with us. ​

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I understand, acknowledge and I agree with the below terms and conditions:

1. The information provided via this form is true, accurate, correct, and complete. I agree to conform to the discipline of the selection process and to accept the decision of the University concerning the evaluation of my application and the final selection, which shall be final and binding.

2. Submission of the online application does not imply/deem confirmation of registration.

3. I understand that the programme is over 4 weeks long and approximately 25 hours of project work is required.

4. I understand that the different time zones are involved in the programme and I am flexible with my working hours.

5. I understand that if selected, Aga Khan University will pay my programme fee and I will be obligated to complete the programme successfully and follow, abide and adhere to all instructions and guidance of Aga Khan University.

6. I understand the programme eligibility; requirements; rules and regulations and I shall abide by all rules and regulations with regards to WACE Programme.