​Professional Development Curriculum

All our programmes will offer interns a series of virtual sessions, workshops, webinars and networking sessions that would:

  • Build awareness of the interns’ workplace organization (AKDN agencies)
  • Build soft and technical skills to succeed during and after post-internship
  • Build knowledge and experience in interns’ fields of interest (internship streams)
  • Build interns’ networks in various work industries
This curriculum is designed to build an intern portfolio that will be:

  • Well-rounded practitioners
  • Strong communicators
  • Impactful leaders
  • Critically reflexive thinkers
  • Adaptable and resilient in the face of adversity
  • Capable of navigating intercultural dynamics

A key takeaway is that they will receive 60 hours of the professional development curriculum in their chosen programme. Learn more about this here! ​

​​Intern Resources

Intern Checklists
The following are checklists for both our On-site and Virtual Internship Programmes that will be useful as interns prepare for our internships which will complement their education and give them experience in their chosen career field. 

Intern Manuals
It is our hope that by using these manuals as a guide, interns will have enjoyable and highly productive experiences as they participate in our On-site and Virtual internships.