What is the AKU’s Reciprocal Virtual Internship Programme (AKU-RVIP)?

The AKU’s University Partnership Office launched its first-ever Reciprocal Virtual Internship Programme (RVIP) in September 2020 with an aim to provide AKU students with access to an international experience. The programme allows AKU partner universities from the Global North to recruit AKU students as virtual interns at their respective institutions.

What is included in the programme?

  • The programme has been designed in a way that will give AKU students structure, support, and flexibility throughout their virtual internship. Internships include:
    • 12-week duration, with an expected time commitment of at least 15 hours per week
    • Project-based work with their chosen host departments
    • 60+ hours of professional development training which includes:
      • One-on-one mentorship with a group of professionals and experts in their career fields
      • Webinars, workshops, and short courses with AKDN-wide master trainers
      • Organized cultural immersion opportunities
      • Social engagement opportunities with global international interns/students 
      • Certificate of completion​

How will I benefit from the Reciprocal Virtual Internship Programme (RVIP)?

  • ​By participating in the programme, you will benefit from:
    • Well-designed, hands-on internship projects 
    • Professional development training designed to complement your placement
    • Gaining access to cultural knowledge, perspectives, and social engagement with a community of virtual interns/students from around the globe
    • Frequent check-ins and 24/7 support from the programme coordinators​

How will I work with my mentor and my team?

  • Everything will be done virtually. You will work primarily with your assigned mentor; however, you will be integrated into the working team and will have the opportunity to network and collaborate with others in your department. You will collaborate using online tools such as:
    • Microsoft Teams
    • Google Suite
    • Slack
    • Zoom

What kind of mentorship is included in the programme?

Your potential mentor will:
  • Set aside a minimum of 3 hours per week for mentorship
  • Perform mid and end-term evaluations for your interns
  • Provide regular feedback on your performance
  • Teach you the skills, abilities, and capabilities required to be successful in the role of an intern
  • Provide relevant context to working in your field(s) of interest
  • Listen, encourage, and provide support
  • Expose yourself​ to others in your network through team meetings, consultations, etc.​

Will I receive monetary compensation during the internship?

No. Monetary compensation is not included as part of the programme. The programme’s focus is on developing well-designed experiential learning opportunities for AKU Students that will equip you with a well-rounded international learning experience for your academic, professional, and personal development.

What if there are challenges with my internship? Who do I consult?

The RVIP Programme Coordinators are available to you 24/7 should you have any issues you would like to be addressed. Any issues regarding your mentor, technical and access issues, any extenuating health or personal conditions, the coordinators will be here to help guide you through any potential difficulties. 

How does the interview process work?

Shortlisted applicants are invited to interview for the position, which will consist of a series of questions relevant to the position they have applied for and will give them the opportunity to ask questions about the programme and position. The responses will help the potential mentor and programme coordinators assess their competencies and alignment with the projects.

Do I need to submit references?

Yes. You are required to submit at least one reference letter from an AKU faculty member.

When do I have to pay the administrative fee?

The administrative fee is payable only if you are selected for the AKU-RVIP programme. Payment will need to be paid in full before the start of the placement. 

Am I able to have a shorter or longer internship duration?

Currently, our internships are only 12-weeks, with the ability to extend for a further 4 weeks.