Programme Support

AKU-IIP offers full-time support from the time you are accepted into your internship, till you board your plane to head back!  

Wherever you choose to go, we will ensure you have assistance when and if needed. On-site staff is available 24/7 and is dedicated to delivering a top-quality experience for you to make sure that your stay abroad is as safe as possible. Staff members will act as program guides, leading you to all the program events and excursions. Our staff will also follow up with you ongoing making sure that you are having a productive time abroad both socially and professionally.​

Once you arrive in your host city abroad, we will be picking you up at the airport together with all the other interns and accompanying you to the intern housing. We will be providing you with an inclusive Welcome Pack containing the necessary details which you may require during your stay in Karachi and Nairobi. The same evening we will be treating you to a Welcome Dinner with drinks where you will have the opportunity to meet the other interns and the program staff.

AKU staff will be available to assist you when you land in Karachi or Nairobi to take you to your housing location. You will be briefed on details of the city, transport, food, and living which include details of what to do in case of emergencies. Support staff can be reached at any time.​​