​​Financial Assistance, East Africa

The Financial Assistance Programme aims to assist students who have limited financial need to support the cost of their education.  Currently, the types of Financial Assistance offered to students in the listed programmes are:

​Academic Programme
Financial A​ssis​tance Offered
​Post-R​N Bachelor of Science in Nursing
​Partial Funding
​Post-RM Bachelor of Science in Midwifery
​Partial Funding
​Diploma in Oncology Nursing
​Partial Funding
​Diploma in General Nursing
​Partial Funding
​Master of Medicine
​Tuition Rebate
​Master of Education
​Need- & Merit-based Funding
​Master of Arts in Digital Journalism
​Need- & Merit-based Funding​

The University reserves the right to change the type of Financial Assistance offered to students.

The procedure to apply for Financial Assistance is summarised below. 

School of Nursing And Midwifery  

  • The Financial Assistance application must be completed and submitted with the required supporting documentation. Incomplete and/or late applications for Financial Assistance will not be considered.
  • The level of Financial Assistance awarded is determined through a predefined, point-based evaluation. This evaluation is based on the applicant’s socio-economic profile as declared in the Application Form for Financial Assistance and the information provided during interviews with applicant/parents.
  • The University’s Financial Assistance Committee is comprised of non-University and University personnel who review the application and, based on the evaluation system, determine the level of Financial Assistance to be awarded. In order to ensure confidentiality and impartiality, the names and academic performance of the applicants are not disclosed to the Committee members at the time of the review.
  • Submission of an application for Financial Assistance does not guarantee an award of Financial Assistance.
  • Students are informed individually of the financial assistance award given through the best channel including a formal email.​

Medical College    

For information on the rebate structure, please contact the Medical College at mc.ea@aku.edu.

Graduate School of Media and Communications  

Need- and merit-based financial assistance is available to the Master of Arts in Digital Journalism students.

Institute for Educational Development​

Please find the required financial assistance information here.