​EN-RN Conversion Programme

The programme will equip nurses with ​skills and knowledge to address emerging and re-emerging diseases and allow employers to re-designate them to supervisory​ responsibilities as well as create a nurse career progression pathway. 

The programme provides nurses with an opportunity to access specialist diploma training, increase participation in policy formulation and equips them to take up leadership roles. It affirms the strength of these nurses and the importance in the well-being of families, communities and nations. This is a work-study programme that will run for 24 months.

This programme is currently not accepting applications for admission. ​​

​​F​or further information you can reach us via the following contact ​details:​

Registrar's Office
Aga Khan University​​
School of Nursing and Midwifery
Sunny Plaza
Nairobi, Kenya​
Tel: +​254 203 747 483
Fax: +254 203 757 004
Email: regoff.ke.sonam@aku.edu​​