​North America​

​Partner​Areas of Collaboration

​Johns Hopkins University

​- Hospitalist Services

- Transplantation Programme

- Research in Health​ Sciences​

​Simon Fraser University​- Muslim Cultures Summer Programme
​​Columbia University- ​Media Communications​​
​University of Calgary

- ​Family Medicine

- Education​

​University of Victoria​​​- Math Literacy​

University of British Columbia

- ​Dental Hygiene and Dentistry​

- Cardiac Sciences

- Nursing 

University of Alberta​

- ​Faculty of​ Arts and Sciences

- Math and Science Literacy and Teacher Training

- Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences

- Regenerative Stem Cell Research ​

​University of California, San Francisco ​​- Integrated Primary Health Care​
​University of Toronto​​- Human Development (Maternal and Child Health and ECD)

​​Western University​

​- Teaching and Learning Case Management

- Comparative Religious

British Columbia Institute of Technology
- Allied Health

- Nursing
University of Texas, Austin- ​Muslim Histories and Culture​
​University of Waterloo- ​Co-operative Programme​
​University of Ottawa​​- Ophthalmology​
​​McMaster University​- Nursing
​Texas A&M - ​Muslim Histories and Cultures Programme​
​Massachusetts Institute of Technology- ​Innovation in the Field​​

- Economics and Engineering, STEM
​Justice Institute of British Columbia

​- Disaster Management and Preparedness

- ​Trauma and Risk​​

​Quest University​- Faculty of Arts and Science​s​​
​Yale University

​​- Law

- Muslim Histories and Cultures

​​Northwestern University​- Media and Communications​​

- ​​​Leisure and Tourism
​Cornell University- ​Faculty of Arts and Sciences​
​Stanford University- ​Faculty of Arts and Sciences​​
​Brown University- Faculty of Arts and Sciences​