Strategic Goals

Attracting the best partners to AKU through:

  • Strategic visibility: identifying key programmes of interest to our partner universities-making connections.

  • Strengthening our relations with key strategic universities​​.

Building our capacity to manage and deliver on our partnership projects through:

  • Providing strategic information to faculty and departments interested in international collaboration. (Univers​​ity wide sessions on our partnerships, faculty involvement and a website on partnerships)

  • Establishing strong processes and policies that govern our partnerships (criteria, work plans, MOUs, impact and lessons learnt) 

  • Establishing our AKU-International Internships Programme that brings interns from our partner institutions to AKU. ​​​

  • Developing new models of partnership development to deliver on our commitments, i.e. consulting network, consortia models.

​Guiding framework for partnerships​

  • Appropriateness to the Vision and Mission of the University

  • “Do-ability” (time frames, enabling environment, longevity, credibility partner, mobilization of resources, financial and human, value added contribution and synergies with AKDN agencies

  • Relevance, impact, access and quality

  • Opportunity, external support and favorable circumstances

  • Complementarily among initiatives and avoidance of duplication internally or within AKDN

  • Structure/processes for partnership development

  • Communications strategy

Positioning AKU a​s an effective institutional partner:

  • Working to pursue a concerted strategy to ensure our partnerships reflect and align with our institutional priorities and are in line with our key academic areas and needs. 

  • Facilitating partnership activities (work plans, MOUs) to ensure that progress is made in terms of projects and programmes de​​veloped and delivered upon.  

  • Creating more strategic approach to fun​​​​​ding and strengthening our relationships.​​​​​​​​​​​