Message from the President

It is my great pleasure to introduce AKU Onwards: Strategic Plan 2024-2028, the culmination of a widely consultative and collaborative process that reflects the collective ambitions of the University community. Contributions from AKU’s academic, health services and support services teams formed the foundation of our plan, informed by internal and external consultations and town halls in Pakistan and East Africa, and guided by our IQRA values of Impact, Quality, Relevance and Access. 

Ongoing guidance from our University Leadership Team, Senior Academic Leadership Team, the AKU Board of Trustees, and the AKU Chancellor’s Commission further enriched both the process and the final plan. I am especially grateful to the members of Strategic Plan Task Force, who transformed the wide-ranging information, ideas, and perspectives into a cohesive strategic framework anchored in seven themes:

  • Quality and Breadth of Education - Over the next five years, AKU will continue to broaden and diversify its academic programmes to become a distinctive university informed by the health and social needs of the communities it serves.

  • Knowledge Creation and Dissemination - AKU’s research programmes will reflect current and emerging strengths, with impacts that will be measured through contextually relevant metrics that aim to improve knowledge dissemination in low- and middle-income countries.

  • Learning Healthcare Systems - AKU will create learning healthcare systems that harness our hospitals and research-focused medical and nursing schools, utilising state-of-the-art technologies for optimal patient care.

  • Partnerships and Collaborations - AKU will build and strengthen national and international partnerships to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships to deepen its impact.

  • Sustainability and Growth - AKU will enhance its institutional resilience and sustainability by strengthening and securing its human, financial and physical resources, as well as safeguarding its academic freedom.

  • Environmental Protection and Stewardship - AKU will promote an integrated approach to environmental education, research, policy advocacy and practical application, leveraging its expertise and resources to provide leadership on climate change.

  • Leveraging Data Science and Technologies - AKU will foster a data-driven approach in education and healthcare, while promoting process automation and utilising state-of-the-art technology to enhance efficiency and outcomes.

For each theme, our Strategic Plan details (i) where we are; (ii) where we are going; and (iii) how we will get there. 

The Strategic Plan sets out an ambitious agenda for AKU over the next five years, but one that is premised on deliberate, well-considered and resource-contingent execution. Recognising the diverse and often challenging environments in which AKU operates, our plan builds in mechanisms to learn and adapt our strategies and actions to evolving circumstances.

Dr Sulaiman Shahabuddin
President and Vice Chancellor