​Energy efficiency measures at Main AKU - Ahsan Niaz

How did you get interested in energy and sustainability?

My interest in energy developed when I was an electrical coordinator working on a project of replacement and automation of lights. I realized that even a small initiative can save a large amount of energy which can benefit both the organization and the environment.

What are some of the recent energy efficiency measures undertaken at AKU and what has been the impact?

- Choosing better products which are rated energy efficient. For example, we are considering installing inverter AC units with eco-friendly R32 refrigerant gas.  
- Automatic scheduling of lights in Princess Zahra Pavilion which will save 37 tons of CO2e annually.
- Enforcing a temperature range of 24-26 degrees in all non-patient areas in an effort to reduce energy for cooling.
- Replaced 2000 high power consuming lights with LED lights.
- Installed occupancy sensors to conserve energy and Sensor Operated Faucets to conserve water.
- Replaced gas chillers with electric chillers, and replacement of conventional large-sized motors/ pumps with energy efficient motors/pumps.
- Installed energy metering devices on boilers, chillers, pumps, and other utilities for each building and initiated use of the power monitor expert software in 2021 to monitor the energy demand and usage across the campus.

What personally inspires you to continue this work?

The institution-wide goal of achieving net zero by 2030 has been a great inspiration for me.

What are some of the areas of work that can benefit from sustainability considerations?

There are many things we can consider, from my point of view, including fixing energy leaks, recycling waste, reducing printing, and allowing engineers and technicians (staff) to share ideas and suggestions on optimizations and innovation in material and energy use.

What makes you hopeful about the work and future of sustainability at AKU?

The seriousness of commitment and interest from the AKU President to reduce emissions inspires me. I hope that the organization continues to invest in going green. I also think everyone has ideas to contribute to energy efficiency and to optimize the system which we should utilize.

    Ahsan Niaz​