PICU/NICU Workshop

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The Tele-ICU Team for the first time organized a 3-day Neonatal and Pediatric workshop at Aga Khan University, Karachi from June 6 -8 2022. The session was attended by 32 physicians from 10+ tertiary care hospitals and 5+ cities across Pakistan.

The simulation-based hands-on workshop provided an opportunity to strengthen clinical skills, demonstrate knowledge in practice and improve technical skills for the local management of critically ill neonates and children in HDU/ICU.

The workshop was held in collaboration with The Dawood Foundation to build the capacity of healthcare professionals in Pakistan.​

Critical Care Workshop in Peshawar

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After delivering 17 successful hands-on simulation-based workshops and building the capacity of 500+ healthcare workers in Karachi, The Tele-ICU Team conducted two consecutive workshops at Post Graduate Medical Institute (PGMI), Peshawar during March 15-18 2022.

The sessions trained 64 physicians from 10+ medical institutions across KP. Health Minister KP emphasized the importance of healthcare capacity development, appreciated AKU’s contribution to KP’s healthcare staff, and distributed certificates followed by a motivational speech for the participants.

The sessions consisted of pre and post-assessments to evaluate participants' knowledge before and after the session. 

This initiative was part of a collaboration between the Health Department KP and The Aga Khan University to enable physicians to effectively manage patients at local levels, thus helping to strengthen KP’s healthcare system for better future outcomes.​