About the Fund

The AKU Eye Alumni and Friends Endowment aims to strengthen the capacity of the Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences Department at AKU to enhance access to innovative, high-quality, affordable eye care in Pakistan and other developing countries where AKU has a presence. 

​We are deeply grateful to Dr Amyna Sultan, an alumna of our MBBS programme Class of 1989 and a former faculty of AKU, for seeding this endowment with a generous donation of US$ 500,000 and creating an opportunity for other AKU alumni, friends and recipients of AKU’s eye care to give back. ​

Our goal is to raise US$ 3 million for this fund by the end of 2025. We hope you will join us in building​ this endowment that will have a lasting impact.​

​Join the cause and make a lasting impact​

Why support this endowment?

Hear from our founding donor

​"The ability to see is among life's greatest blessings. I invite my fellow alumni and others touched by AKU to join me in giving back or​ paying it forward, however you would like to see it! AKU prepared us to train at some of the best international institutions. Now, let's work together to help create at our alma mater a world-class clinical facility and ophthalmology training and research programme. Our monetary contributions, along with the sharing of our time and knowledge, will enable the institution to train eye care professionals to international standards, to extend the precious gift of sight to many in Pakistan and beyond."

Dr Amyna Sultan, OBE
Pacific International Hospital ​​​​​