Kenya Youth Survey

Message from the President

​Dear Friends and Supporters,​

The question we are often asked by our Chancellor is what is the impact of the Aga Khan University on the societies in which it is located. 

I am pleased to share with you a recent article by the Washington Post, “Kenyans have had it with corruption. Their leaders may finally be doing something about it” which noted that 

While Kenya’s economy still creates jobs and state institutions are functional, if inefficient, corruption has become so deeply rooted that a 2016 survey of young people by one of the country’s best universities found that half of respondents did not care how they made their money, as long as they did not end up in jail. More than a third said they would “easily” give or take a bribe. 

This survey was undertaken by the East Africa Institute of the Aga Khan University in 2016 to gain insight on the aspirations, anxieties and attitudes of the youth in East Africa. The findings of the survey have revealed many aspects of the issues facing the youth and what action various stakeholders, such as government, parents, educators and faith organizations, need to take to guide the young citizens prepare for the world ahead.

As a supporter, you should be pleased to know that the research carried out by the Aga Khan University is recognized as being valuable.

With warmest regards,

Firoz Rasul