AKU’s Economic Impact in Pakistan

“The Aga Khan University is a powerful source of economic impact and a leader that sparks positive change in Pakistan.

That is the conclusion of the first-ever study of AKU’s economic impact in Pakistan. Conducted with exemplary rigour by Washington, D.C.-based Centennial Group International, the study estimates the value the University creates in a single year as an educator of leaders, a provider of outstanding health care, one of Pakistan’s largest private-sector employers and a significant purchaser of goods and services. And that figure is substantial, according to Centennial, amounting to more than Rs 103 billion, or $1 billion. 

But that is not all. In the words of the study’s authors, AKU is also a ‘national innovator and a powerhouse for quality,’ and ‘a nationwide role model for high-quality tertiary education and medical care.’ As such, the University is improving health care and education in the public and private sectors, empowering women and the disadvantaged, and generating solutions to critical problems through research. We continue to build on this legacy of impact, and we look forward to making an even greater contribution to Pakistan in the decades to come.”

President Firoz Rasul

Examine the report’s detailed findings here.​

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