​Directional Plan 2021-2026 | AKU-SONAM

A collaborative effort between The Aga Khan University School of Nursing and Midwifery, AKU-SONAM, in Pakistan and East Africa, across schools in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Pakistan, to develop a combined five-year strategic plan in order to achieve improved outcomes for nursing and midwifery globally, with one common direction for schools in both regions.​ 

Our Vision

​​Through extensive faculty consultation, participation and ownership, a single AKU-SONAM vision emerged: 

“Transforming Nurses and Midwives for a Global Future” 

Our 3-5 year strategic priorities:

This vision, underpinned by AKU’s Mission and Values, will provide the direction for​ward within the four thematic areas of: 

  • Theme 1: ​Transforming through Education

  • Theme 2: Advancing Knowledge through Research, Innovation, Practice, and Policy

  • Theme 3: Nurturing People and Environments

  • Theme 4: Investing in Partnerships and Community Service

These themes were developed jointly with our AKU colleagues including staff/faculty and externally with stakeholders ranging from non-government to government, patients to families to community partners, and students to alumni who were involved in collaborative technical working groups from the beginning. Through this consultative and iterative process, the future vision, objectives and aligned actions emerged. Learn more: