Rethinking Teacher Education: Improvement Innovation and Change

Uganda Education Conference

October 23-25, 2017

Institute for Educational Development

IED,EA will be holding a national conference on Teacher Education under the theme, “Re-thinking Teacher Education: Improvement, Innovation and Change”. The conference has been inspired by the need to interrogate the systems, policies, structures and reforms to drive sustainable teacher education for development of the East African community. It is hoped that the sub-themes identified will be exhaustively addressed for the conference to meet the specific objectives.

IED,EA’s work is embedded in informed inquiry to demonstrate effectiveness of pedagogies and professional practices in the delivery and promotion of educational services in East Africa. Working closely with education ministries of Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda, IED, EA aligns its activities with the respective national governments’ visions and development plans. IED, EA seeks to improve the quality of education in East Africa by enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of educational institutions; it does this through human resource development, institutional capacity building, outreach activities, research and dissemination, as well as policy analysis and advocacy. The provision of quality education in Uganda is crucial for the country to achieve the socio-economic development goals stipulated in Vision 2025 and achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

The Key overall objectives for the conference are to bring together teacher education stakeholders in East Africa, Africa and beyond to interrogate and engage with issues pertaining to teacher education in context. It will also  provide opportunities for stakeholders to identify evidence-based strategies to enhance sustainable teacher preparation. In addition, the conference aims to address gaps in teacher education for the possible improvement of learning outcomes and to provide education development partners the opportunity to showcase the work they have done in Uganda and the larger East Africa region.


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Sabrina Zahor,