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Continuing Medical Education

December 11, 2015
8:00 am-5:00 pm | Karachi

Aga Khan University

The  workshop will be conducted till 12 December, 2015

Symposium Highlights

  • The moral foundation of medical leadership
  • Translational medicines
  • Malabsorption- to identify and workup
  • Thalassemia-way forward for Pakistan
  • Polio – how close is Pakistan to millennium goal
  • What our kids should/should not eat
  • WHO classification of Lymphomas – Hits & Misses
  • Current TB diagnostics
  • Clinical applications of real time PCR in Molecular Pathology
  • Clinical Chemistry’s Laboratory automation in the 21st century
  • Management of vitamin D deficiency in primary care
  • Breast cancer screening in primary care
  • What New in Insulin therapy in the management of diabetes mellitus
  • Palliative care
  • Obesity & nutrition diabetes, liver and renal disease
  • Nutrition in obesity, overview of CHS educational programmes
  • Overview of continuing education programme Short courses of CHS
Workshops Highlights
  • Essentials of writing a good scientific paper
  • Poster presentation for high impact at scientific conferences: Tips and Tricks)
  • Wellness as a coping strategy for stress
  • A dynamic approach to metabolic syndrome: from genetics to super foods
  • 3D mental rotation ability: A secret element in adult learning
  • The art of writing doctoral thesis
  • Image J software
  • Surgery for Stress urinary incontinence and its update
  • Hands-on workshop urodynamic studies and its update physicians 10. Value clarification and attitudinal transformation (VCAT ) on reproductive health and family planning with RH group, Jhpiego and Aaahang
  • Lifestyle management of obesity
  • Trigger point release therapy : an approach to physiotherapy management of myofascial pain
  • Workshops

Registration Fees
Symposium : Rs 300/-
Workshop : Rs 500/-


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